On what it means to influence

I have known for a long time that I want to be influential. Not for the fame, not for the pressure, not for the Davos picture. But because I see a lot of corrosion in the world that I believe with improved thinking and empathy could be cured.

I view my writing as a way to start a conversation. In a very politically correct and hyperconnected world, surely any word anyone writes will be misinterpreted, taken out of context, and amplified against them. That is unfortunate and is a greater threat to free speech than outright censorship as it is a form of silent, invisible intimidation. However, my hope is to not pre-emptively address any or all of those concerns; it is easier to do that than write the original thought because one merely needs to know the outrage triggers, anticipate them, and half-heartedly acknowledge upfront.

Rather, my hope is that by writing I can start a conversation - within yourself and with others. I will be incorrect or incomplete with my thoughts, often. However, the ability to provoke a thought or a discussion of import means you can direct people’s attention towards matters that need reflection or discussion in order to advance. The subject could be one’s life purpose, racism, technology, fear, liberty, or any number of other subjects that interest me. And by providing observations and a point of view on these subjects, the worst outcome is attention on an important subject, and a better outcome would be that someone learns something or questions something that helps them live a better life.

That would make me happy. It is one of the only things that has brought me true joy in my thirty years.

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